Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MAC Refill Haul II.

Hello Beauties! I have another MAC refill haul. If you recall last year MAC added quite a few Pro items to the regular site but they didn't add all the shadows initially. I was browsing the website (as I normally do) and noticed that the other shadows were finally added so I picked up a some along with a few other things. On to the pics, enjoy.

The eye shadows

Canary Yellow - "Bright yellow" matte finish
Bright Sunshine - "Primary iridescent yellow" frost finish
Sour Lemon - "Acidy yellow chartreuse" satin finish  
Lime - "Lime green" matte finish
Amber Lights - "Peachy brown with shimmer" frost finish 


Canary Yellow, Bright Sunshine, Sour Lemon, Lime, Amber Lights

The blushes

Desert Rose - "Soft reddish-burgundy" matte finish
Coppertone - "Peach brown" matte finish


Desert Rose, Coppertone

I'm happy with all these additions. I've been having each item on my (long) MAC list for the longest. 

Thanks so much for viewing!!

Please leave any questions or comments below.

XOXO Brittany