Tuesday, October 7, 2014

8 Fall Lip Colors Under $8.

Hello Beauties! Today I have a quick post sharing some new lip products I picked up for the Fall and Winter months. Technically they are all under $7 but I thought 8 went better in the title LOL, enjoy!

I can appreciate that drug store lip products are now coming wrapped but it took a solid 10 minutes to take all that off.. 

NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream - $6.49 ULTA
  Temptress, Bewitching


NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams - $5.99 ULTA
  Praque, Copenhagen, Transylvania


L.A. Girl Glaze Lip Paints - $2.99 Local BSS Store
Seduction, Daring, Tempt


These are all really nice lip products but my favorite out of the bunch are the new NYX lip creams. The texture is really nice and they look even better on the lips. The have a semi-matte/satin finish and for me about a 5 hour wear without noticeable fading. A+ in my book. 

The L.A. Girl Glaze Lip Paints are very reminiscent of the OCC Liptars but the consistency is a tab bit more runny if that makes any sense. I had some difficulties swatching the deepest shade, Tempt. I definitely recommend using a liner first, maybe even one of those anti-feathering lip liners to prevent bleeding. 

Thanks so much for reading! Please leave any questions or comments down below!

XOXO Brittany