Monday, May 20, 2013

MAC Pro Blush Swatches.

Hello Beauties! As promised many moons ago in this particular post I'm finally getting around to posting swatches of my MAC Pro blushes. This is by far my favorite blush palette and I use it all the time. Usually when I travel these are the blushes I bring with me.

MAC Pro Blushes

Top row (from left): 
Salsarose "Lightly iridescent coral" - satin 
Azalea "Bright iridescent blue pink" - frost 
Rhubarb "Bright magenta" - satin

Bottom row (from left)
Devil "Bright orange coral" - satin (my favorite)
Burnt Pepper "Warm rich terra-cotta" - matte
**Blunt "Muted golden brown" - matte 

Price: $17
Where to buy: here or any free standing MAC Pro store


From left: Rhubarb, Azalea, Salsarose

Blunt, Burnt Pepper, Devil


** Blunt is not considered a "Pro" blush. It's holding a spot until I can decide on Cantaloupe or Apple Red.

These blushes are VERY pigmented. A little truly goes a long way. I use a stipling blush or a fluffy angled brush and VERY light hand.

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Thank you so much for reading!

XOXO Brittany