Saturday, October 29, 2011

MAC Lipstick Haul - Featuring my 1st Back to MAC

Hello Beauties! So I finally stopped being lazy and decided to depot a few of my single MAC eye shadows (mainly because I was running out of places to put them) and took the empty pans to MAC to get a lipstick. I had a really hard time trying to figure out which one I wanted, mainly because I wanted so many. If it's any secret I am obsessed with matte red lipstick, I have quite a few and my favorite is Russian Red from MAC. I've always heard of Ruby Woo and how gorgeous it is but how difficult it was to work with so I just always stayed away, but I finally caved and choose that for my 1st Back to MAC. I will say that's it is everything people say it is. Of course I could not just leave without one, I wanted a fall lipstick so I choose Rebel. The other two lipsticks Show Orchid and Neon Orange were purchased with my Fall Colour haul. I think that's enough rambling for now on to the pics........

From left to right: Rebel, Ruby Woo, Neon Orange, Show Orchid

Rebel - Satin finish, described as a Vivid pinkish-purple
I really like this color, on my lips it's a bright magenta color. I will be wearing this a lot this fall season.

Ruby Woo - Retro-matte finish. described as Vivid brighty coral-red
This is the best worst product that I own! It is so beautiful on the lips, once you get it on. This is the hardest lipstick I have ever worked with, it does not glide on smooth at all.

Neon Orange - Amplified finish, described as a Clean orange
I got this because I wanted an orange from MAC. I like it but I would not say it was anything spectacular.

Show Orchid - Amplified finish, Vivid hot pink
I love this. I like lipsticks with blue undertones and this is a vivid hot pink with blue undertones. Another one I will be wearing often this fall.

Lip Swatches

Swatches from left to right: Rebel, Show Orchid, Neon Orange, Ruby Woo

What are some of your lipsticks for fall?

Hope you enjoyed viewing!! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks and Have a Blessed Day!!

XOXO Brittany


  1. Great haul & swatches. I love MAC Rebel Lipstick.

  2. Great haul hun! I love the lippies you got.

  3. Nice haul! You got a lot of bright colors. I need to go B2M the rest of my empties.

  4. Olivia, Thanks! I can see Rebel becoming one of my faves.

    Lily & D.Sadie. Thanks ladies!

    Rai, Thanks! I love bright lippies!

  5. Good choice of colors!

    Ruby Woo is one of M.A.C.'s classic colors. The fact that it's a Retro Matte is what makes it stay on longer and feel drier. You can make it glide on easier by doing a lip treatment. Exfoliating and hydrating the night before (if you are able to plan ahead). When you awake your lips will be prepped. If you have lip primer, put that on before applying the lipstick. You'll notice that it works a lot better that way. If you're not able to prep the night before, use primer or even a lip balm and gently blot right before applying Ruby Woo. .

    Hope that helps. :-)

  6. Oh I forgot to add that Ruby Woo is beautiful when mixed with M.A.C. Lip Pencils in Brick for bold red and for a deeper mixture Burgundy (make sure you blend so you don't get that harsh line). ;-)