Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coastal Scents Hot Pots/Palette Review

Hello Beauties! As I promised from my Black Friday Haul post I would update the information on the Coastal Scents hot pot palette I purchased. As you may already know Coastal Scents had a site wide 50% off sale for Black Friday and I purchased 12 hot pots and recieved the empty palette for free with purchase.

Here's what the palette looks like closed:

Here's a picture of the palette with a MAC palette for comparison. As you can see it is a bit smaller, which may be better for storage purposes. The CS palette is a bit heavier then the MAC palette, because of the mirror.

The palette opened

Up close of the shadows

1st row left to right:
*Salmon Peach (HP - 009) or S09
*Satin Lavender (HP - 019) or S19
*Jungle Green (HP - 052) or M02
*Maroon Berry (HP - 075) or M25

2nd row left to right:
*Peachy Copper (HP - 039) or S39
*Orchid (HP - 020) or S20
*Deep Sage (HP - 055) or M05
*Burnt Umber (HP - 075) or M24

3rd row left to right:
*Sunset Gold (HP - ME25)
*Tyrian Purple (HP - 013) or S13
*Kiwi Green (HP - ME09)
*Dark Golden Olive (HP - ME25)

These shadows come in several finishes, here's a key to what they mean:
S - Shimmer
ME - Creative Me Metal Mania Collection
HP - Hot Pot
M - Matte
The also have on the site:
B - Blush
CM - Creative Me #1 Palette

*Price - When I purchased they were $3.95 (some on clearance for $1.49) but now they are $1.99 with some still available for the clearance price. Also as stated before if you buy 12 you get the palette for free.

*Wide range of colors/finishes - While most of the shades I purchased are really similar, on the website they have a wide variety of colors. They have a lot of bright/bold colors and there are some neutrals as well.

*Palette (mirror) - I like the fact that this palette comes with a mirror. Although it's not a must for me but sometimes when traveling it comes in handy when I need to look up close at what I'm doing. The palette is $5.95. I've read that MAC e/s don't fit, but when I placed it in mine they fit. This is also a cheaper alternative to buying MAC palettes.

*Pigmententation - The shadows are really pigmented, with great color payoff. They also are really easy to blend.


*Name/Numbering System - The fact that the back of the eye shadow has one number and on the website they now have names and a different number may be difficult for those who are looking up swatches (I included both the old and new names/numbers).

*The amount in each pan  - I searched the website high and low & I could not find out how much product was in each pan. I do know they are in the standard 26mm size pan.


From left to right: Salmon Peach, Peachy Copper, Sunset Gold, Satin Lavender, Orchid, Tyrian Purple

From left to right: Jungle Green, Deep Sage, Kiwi Green, Maroon Berry, Burnt Umber, Dark Golden Olive

 I'm really satisfied with my purchase, these are some pretty good shadows for a great price. I know many people want to know how these compare to MAC eye shadows, IMO I do not feel like they are as good but they are still nice quality. MAC is $11.50 per pan and these are $1.99. I do recommend these, especially if you are looking to expand your eye shadow collection without spending too much money.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below and check back for a response.

Thanks so much for reading!!

XOXO Brittany


  1. I have always wondered about CS hot pots! Thanks for the review, the swatches are great and you picked some really good colors. Will you be purchasing anymore?

    1. You're welcome! I hope this post can help you & I may purchase a few more once I see which colors I need (or want) to add to my collection.

  2. These look nice!! Makes me want to place an order. lol

  3. I purchased some hot pots last year ( I just don't remember when). They offered the free palette as well. I agree, it's a pretty good value. I like the variety of textures and so far so good with the payoff. I think the issue with trying to place the MAC shadow in the palette is that they may not stick. I don't think the magnets work properly. Another alternative to palettes for MAC eyeshadows palettes are the Elf palettes. They're only a $1 and the MAC refills fit inside. :-)

    Great review and swatches. It's always helpful to see people close to our color swatch the colors to get a better idea of what the shades will look like. :-)

  4. Great blog- you are so lovely! I just ordered my first set of 12 hot pots and I don't know if they'll send along a free palette but I'm interested in trying these shadows. Thanks for your post on this!