Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My {Current} Top Ten MAC Eyeshadows

Hello Beauties! If you can't tell from my posts already but I LOVE MAC eye shadows! I have a growing collection of around 40-50 shadows and I wanted to share with you all my top ten.

Top Row (from left to right) - Soft Brown, Naked Lunch, Rule, Samoa Silk, Brule
Bottom Row (from left to right) - All That Glitters, Brown Script, Expensive Pink, Woodwinked, Plum Dressing

1. Soft Brown (Matte) - Described as "Soft Golden Peachy Brown". This shade is really close to my skin tone & I use it almost everyday as my transition color.

2. Naked Lunch (Frost) - Described as "Minimal Pink w/Shimmer". I use this shade quite often as a highlight for my brow bone area.

3. Rule (Matte) - Described as "Vivid Orange" shade. I love this for blending my crease area when I want more color.

4. Samoa Silk (Veluxe) - Described as "Polynesian Peach". Initially I thought this was a matte shade but when I looked it up it's under the Veluxe shades, to me it applies like all the other matte MAC shades I own. I like using this shadow for several different purposes, I call it my "Jack of all Trades" shade. I use it as a lid color, to blend out crease colors, and as a brow bone highlight as well.

5. Brule (Satin) - Described as "Soft Creamy-Beige". I use this as a brow bone highlight color or I sometimes mix it with Naked Lunch and use that as a lid color.

6. All That Glitters ( Veluxe Pearl) - Described as "Beige w/Gold Pearl. This is my favorite lid color ever. I use this all the time with Embark e/s as one of my daily looks for school.

7. Brown Script (Matte2) -Described as "Warm Chestnut Brown". This brown compliments my skin tone really well and I use for my crease area.

 8. Expensive Pink (Veluxe Pearl) - Described as "Pink w/Duochrome". This was among my first few MAC eye shadows and I've loved it from the beginning. I use this for my lid and sometimes as a inner corner highlight.

9. Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl) - Described as "Warm Antique Gold". This color is good for using as a wash of color over the entire lid and perfect for those days when you are in a rush. It looks beautiful alone but also looks great with other colors as well. Everyone says it's a must for WOC, but I think it's a must for all skin tones. 

10. Plum Dressing (Veluxe Pearl) - Described as "Pinky-Plum w/Metal". I got this color during the summer this year and it instantly became one of my favorites. I'm all for pinky-purplish goodness. I use this primarily as a crease color with darker purples such as MAC's Shadowy lady and the wonderful MUFE #92.


From left to right - Soft Brown, Naked Lunch, Rule, Samoa Silk, Brule

From left to right - All That Glitters, Brown Script, Expensive Pink, Woodwinked, Plum Dressing

Honorable Mentions

Chrome Yellow (matte) - Described as "Vivid Bright Yellow". I used this color quite often in the summer time. It is really difficult to work with but the end result is really pretty and I purchased MAC's Chromaline in Primary Yellow to use as a base for this and it really helps with the pigmentation.

Plumage (matte) - Described as "Dusky Peacock". This is a gorgeous dark green shade and the pigmentation is insane. It is the most pigmented matte shade I own from MAC. 

I think it's safe to say that the Veluxe Pearl finish is my favorite finish from MAC but I know that the matte finish is in a close second.

  What are some of your favorite MAC Eyeshadows? 
I'd love any new suggestions!

Hope you enjoyed viewing!! Thanks and Have a Blessed Day!!
XOXO Brittany


  1. Great choices! I should pick up Soft Brown eventually. I only have like 5 MAC shadows! Lol. I would say my fav is either Coppering or Espresso.

  2. Gorgeous shades! Woodwinked has been one of my favorites for the past few years. I'm a big fan of the shade Bamboo. It's great for neutral eyes or to blend. I also love some of the mineralize quads. My favorite is Natural Flare. I had to HUNT it down since it was no longer available at the store.