Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Makeup Storage Set Up/Organization

Hello Beauties! I recently picked up a few items for storage for my little growing makeup collection. I love looking at and viewing makeup storage post/videos. They always give me great ideas. Right now I don't have the space to set up my makeup the way I want it to be but I think I did a good job making do with the space I available now. Unfortunately I have to set up my makeup on my bathroom counter (I know, I know cardinal sin) & here are a few pictures on how I have everything set up.

My bathroom counter

*Four brush holders
*Lipstick holder (24 count, the container store)
*Two pink canisters (Michaels)
*3 Drawer Acryllic Case (the container store)
*MUJI 5 drawer acryllic case (MUJI Online Store)

**More Pics**

(sorry about the flash, I have no natural lighting in my bathroom)

Just to give an idea of how much the MUJI drawers hold
*6 of the larger MAC powders(blush, MSF, etc)
*4 MAC eyeshadows down, 6 across
*2 MAC blushes down, 4 across
*3 NARS blushes down, 3 across
*3 Sleek Makeup blushes down, 3 across

As you can tell this isn't ideal to store a lot of products, I was aware of this before purchasing. I got it because it's great to hold the products I reach for the most. The rest of my makeup is stored in drawers, and this is more at arms reach for me when I'm applying my makeup. Plus I think it looks really cute, once I move I may purchase another for my vanity.

These drawers are not as long as the MUJI drawers but they are deeper, great for layering products on top of each other. I can fit another row of lipglosses on top of these two. The MUJI drawers aren't deep enough to hold MAC paint pots, but they can hold the new Maybelline Tattoo shadows. These drawers can stack two Maybelline Tattoo shadows.

In the pink canisters, I have eye and lip pencils in one and lipgloss and glitter eye liners in the other.

Eventually I want a vanity in my room with some type of storage system right on the side of it, then I'll put these type of drawers on top of that. I really like the Alex units from IKEA.

If you have an other ideas or any questions please leave them in the comments below.
Thanks for reading!

XOXO Brittany


  1. LOL! I swear all I have been watching are storage vids for the last couple of weeks. I need to start this process myself. My dresser in my room is out of control.

    1. Lol I understand how things can get out of hand quickly!

  2. That looks so nice I need something like this love it!

  3. Love the storage. I just followed you.