Sunday, May 6, 2012

MAC Morange Lipglass.

Hello Beauties! As you may or may not know MAC recently released their Fashion Sets collection which features lipsticks with corresponding lipglasses and nail polishes.

 I initially was going to skip this collection all together as most of the lipsticks were permanent shades that I either have or weren't interested in and I not a huge fan of their lipglasses because they are sticky. & the price of those nail polishes are a total no for me.

 BUTTTT after reading a few blogs that the lipglasses weren't as sticky as usual I starting looking through my own collection and realized that I do not have a true orange lip gloss, all of the ones I own lean more on the coral side of orange.

 I decided to decided to pick order Morange lipglass. I have a few true orange lipsticks like MAC's Neon Orange that I figured would be paired nicely with this lip gloss. Also those new Wet-N-Wild lipsticks that I love but I feel like they need a gloss.

MAC Morange Lipglass

*Description: Bright cream orange
*Price: $14.50
*Size: 4.8g/ 0.17 oz
*Where to buy: MAC online (I think only North America stores get the North America sets and this is not included)


Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks so much for reading!

XOXO Brittany


  1. Oooh this is nice, but I probably won't get it. lol

    1. Thanks! You probably wouldn't reach for it much.

  2. Nice! I have the lipstick and love it!