Thursday, August 2, 2012

NYX Powder Blushes.

Hello Beauties! When I first got into makeup I bought a NYX powder blush and it shattered before I even got the chance to use it so after that I put those on my "do not buy list" but after I saw a few posts with swatches I decided to give them another chance.

Lately Ulta has been having NYX BOGO 50% and these are the shades that I have so far.

From left - Amber, Desert Rose, Cinnamon

Description: "NYX Powder Blush is a highly pigmented silky powder blush that combines rich color with long-lasting wear as it delivers a healthy, natural glow to the skin"

Amber - peachy pink color

Desert Rose - deep pink color

Cinnamon - light orange color

Swatches from left: Cinnamon, Desert Rose, Amber

Initial thoughts:
So far I'm glad I decided to give these another shot because they are really pigmented and I like the texture of these. I really like like diamond pattern that they have.

Thanks for reading! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

XOXO Brittany


  1. I have one NYX blush, summer peach, i's my every day blush and i love it! It is so handy!

  2. I have the Cinnamon one and it's one of my faves! It looks so great in the summer!

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