Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ben Nye Haul.

Hello Beauties! Today I'm sharing a few photos & swatches of some Ben Nye creme products. It includes a mix of mostly the creme colors, one creme blush or rouge, and a creme highlight.

I purchased these items from Makeup Mania online.
They each retail for $5.95.
The creme colors can be used on the eyes, cheeks and lips. The creme highlight all over the face and the creme rouge states usage for the face. 

Ben Nye Creme Color - Bright Pink
Ben Nye Creme Rouge - Coral
Ben Nye Creme Highlight - Deep (CH -5)


Bright Pink, Coral, Dark

Ben Nye Creme Color - Orange
Ben Nye Creme Color - Yellow
Ben Nye Creme Color - Vivid Violet


Orange, Yellow, Vivid Violet

Ben Nye Creme Color - Lime Green
Ben Nye Creme Color - Gecko Green
Ben Nye Creme Color - Green


Lime Green, Gecko Green, Green

Ben Nye Creme Color - Turquoise
Ben Nye Creme Color - Sky Blue
Ben Nye Creme Color - Blue


Turquoise, Sky Blue, Blue

So far I've used the creme colors as eye shadow bases to make the colors pop. They do a really good job but I would recommend using a primer before hand & they do crease so I would also make sure to smooth/blend out before eye shadow application. 

I planned on using the creme highlight to highlight under my brow bone but it may be a bit too pink for that. 

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. 

Thanks for viewing!

XOXO Brittany

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