Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dang! She's doing ANOTHER Tag?!

Lately I have been so un-inspired to do anything (my hair, makeup, etc.) & I didn't want to go too long between posts so I decided to post this 30 questions about me & makeup tag that I recently found. 30 questions is a lot but I hope you all take the time to read my answers! Well here goes....

1 When did you start putting on makeup?

When I was in the 4th grade while most girls where collecting dolls or whatever I started collecting lip gloss. I had a collection of about 20 assorted lip glosses/balms. I remember my favorite's where lip smakers. Then eyeliner came in HS, but I've only been wearing makeup "properly" for about a year now.

2 How did you learn to put on makeup?


3 Favorite Brand?


4 Do you like wearing foundation? If so, what’s your color and favorite.

I actually really don't like wearing foundation & I never really wear foundation, unless it's for events where I'll be taking a lot of pictures. But my new love is MAC's Face & Body foundation and right now I'm a C7.

5 Favorite lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner.

Favorite Lipstick : MAC's Russian Red, Impassioned close 2nd
Favorite Lip Gloss : MAC's Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass
Favorite Lip Liner : All of NYX's lip pencils lol

6 Do you like/wear false lashes? If yes, strip or individual

I don't like but I don't dislike false lashes & I wear the strip lashes occasionally.

7 Favorite eye shadow color.

MAC's soft brown, I literally wear this in ALL my looks except when I use the Naked Palette.

8 What’s your favorite daytime look?
Mascara, Liquid liner, Blush, Bronzer, & Lip Gloss

9 Picture of your makeup collection.

I don't have any :(

10 Favorite makeup brush.

Eye: MAC 217
Face: Studio tools duo fiber brush

11 Do you like wearing bronzer?

Yes! My favs are NYC Sunny & MAC Refined Golden

12 Favorite mascara.

Cover Girl LashBlast - Blackest Black

13 Where do you keep your makeup?

Wherever I can find room! I'll be looking for better storage once I move.

14 Favorite Youtube guru(s).

lilpumkinpie05, julieg713, allthingfabulous101, jazziebabycakes, sunkissalba

15 Do you wear blush?

Yes, almost daily. If I'm wearing anything it would be blush & lip gloss.

16 Do you copy any of the celebrity’s makeup?

I wouldn't say that I did, but if I see something that I liked I might would try it. I love taking inspiration from magazines, my favorite is Vogue.

17 Favorite makeup artist.

Bobbi Brown

18 What’s your favorite night time look?

Dark smokey eye with red or pink lips! That's mainly what I wear when I go out, but I wear a lot of color during the day.

19 Favorite concealer.

Currently it's my VS concealer.

20 Favorite eyeshadow primer.

MAC's painterly paint pot.

21 Where do you buy your makeup at?

MAC, Target, Sephora, & a few online places as well

22 Favorite toner.

I don't use toner.

23 Favorite eye shadow palette and blush palette.

Eyeshadow: UD Naked Palette
Blush: My custom La Femme blush palette from Makeup Mania

24 Which do you like: cream, matte, powder, sheer, or shimmer eye shadows?

Matte eyeshadows are my favorite, but I'll take some slight frost/simmer sometimes.

25 Favorite eyeliner.

Milani Liquif'eye in black.

26 Do you wear makeup everyday?

No, especially in the weather!

27 Favorite powder.

MAC's mineralized skin finish in dark.

28 Favorite makeup remover.

Rimmel London's eye makeup remover.

29 Do you like wearing liquid liner? (if so, what’s your favorite)

I do but then I don't. The finished product is great but of the three types I have it is the most difficult to apply. My current favorite it Hard Candy's walk the line in asphalt.

30 Picture of yourself with and without wearing makeup.
I have several pics on my blog without wearing makeup, but I'm typing this on my iPad so I will have to upload a pic of me without wearing makeup later.

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