Sunday, November 11, 2012

Favorites: Orange Blushes.

Hello Beauties! As promised in my favorite pink blushes post, here are my favorite orange blushes. I really love this shade of blush, especially during the warmer months. Out of all of these the one I usually reach for in the Fall/Winter is Taj Mahal.

Like my pink blushes some of these have some coral/red undertones but when I look at them they still lean more towards orange to me.

MAC Marine Life Beauty Powder

Sleek Aruba (this picture does this blush no justice)

NYX Cinnamon

Illasmasqua Excite

Tarte Tipsy

NARS Taj Mahal

MAC Modern Mandarin

Marine Life, Aruba, Cinnamon, Excite, Tipsy, Taj Mahal, Modern Mandarin, Orange

Next up is my favorite coral blushes!

Thanks so much for reading! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

XOXO Brittany


  1. love your choices. I enjoy orange blushes as well. So far Cinnamon from nxy is my favorite.

  2. Of course I have all of these besides Marine Life. lol

  3. Welp I basically want them all! I love Nars Taj Mahal :)

  4. i have the NYX, NARS, & to hunt for the rest!!!!