Sunday, June 9, 2013

MAC All About Orange Haul.

Hello Beauties. This post features the few items I picked up from the All About Orange Collection.

Tarte and Trendy 
"Bright neutral orange cream"
Lustre finish

Sushi Kiss
"Midtonal coral"
Satin finish

Honey Jasmine Blush
"Soft warm coral"
Satin finish


Sushi Kiss, Tarte and Trendy, Honey Jasmine blush

The lipsticks sold out really fast on the MAC website, as they usually do, but I believe Nordstrom has them available for backorder purchase. Also check your local store/counter. The local one here still had everything in stock this past weekend. 

I love both lipsticks! I was hesitant to get Sushi Kiss but it turned out to be my favorite and of course I love a good orangey/coral blush.

Did you pick of anything from this collection?

Thanks for viewing! 

XOXO Brittany


  1. Both Tart & Trendy and Sushi Kiss are gorgeous! Honey Jasmine is another gorgeous shade!