Saturday, June 29, 2013

RiRi Heart's MAC Summer Collection Haul.

Hello Beauties! It's no secret to anyone who knows me I'm a huge Rihanna fan and a MAC lover so when I heard word of the two collaborating I was beyond happy. Now if you're familiar with the latest launch you know it was not as smooth as the 1st launch of RiRi Woo alone but I stuck it out will all my devices and got the things I wanted. Here's what I picked up...

The Lipsticks
RiRi Boy
RiRi Woo

RiRi Boy
"Matte Vivid Lavender"
Retro Matte finish - $15

RiRi Woo
"Matte Cool Red"
Retro Matte finish - $15

"Matte Berry"
Retro Matte finish - $15

Hibiscus Kiss Powder Blush Duo
"Cool coral blush and matte neutral bronze"

Barbados Girl Lustre Drops
"Rose gold bronzer"

I plan on writing up individual posts with thoughts and swatches on each product. Please be on the lookout. 

If you missed out and wanted to check out these products I believe each of these will be returning in the fall collection and RiRi Woo is still available to order (as of now) on the MAC website. It states "Ships soon". 

Thanks so much for viewing!

XOXO Brittany

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  1. Im so jealous of you! I got RiRi Woo when it first came out but didnt get anything this time round :(

    Cant wait for the reviews AND gfc isnt going anywhere :)
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