Saturday, June 25, 2011

La Femme Blushes Haul/Review

Lately I have been a blush kick, so when I came across the La Femme Blushes at Makeup Mania I knew I wanted to try those. I seen quite a few good reviews on the product (not so much the company) so I decided to place an order. I went a head and did the Palette Lab option (12 blushes and one palette) since it was cheaper and I didn't have an empty palette to place the pans in. Before I even get to the product I want to briefly talk about the company (feel free to skip ahead because I rambled on a bit, sorry). I called them before I placed my order because the blush orange wasn't available for placing into the palette, and they were very helpful they instructed me on what I needed to do to get that particular blush. Now they warn you that it may take up to 5 days for the palette lab to be put together, like it takes so long for them to place the pans in the spot. I placed my order on May 24th and got my shipping confirmation email on June 15th, then later that day I got another email that it was partially shipped due to the orange blush suddenly going out of stock and it will be shipped later with no added shipping fees. It was shipped two days later. That a was three week and a day wait, but I must say that it was definetly WORTH THE WAIT. I really like these blushes. They are highly pigmented, they have a HUGE color selection, and they are sold at an even better price. They have a pretty good lasting power, but I will say that they are really powdery. You would have to be careful when using a brush not to dip to hard into the product because you will pick up too much and have a slight mess. Ok I feel like I've blabbed on too much so on the pictures.

Outside - It came with this card that I taped on top to remember the names.

Inside -Flash

No Flash

From L to R: Flamingo Pink, Pink Velvet, Stormy Rose, Framboesia, Magenta

Swatches Cont'd
From L to R: Golden Sunset, Mocha, Lilac Champagne, Purple Passion, Soft Beige, Sienna

That's the orange blush (center) that came in a few days later. I did some comparisons, the La Femme Blushes are about the same size as a MUFE eyeshadow (which is a large e/s in my opinion) and significantly smaller than a MAC blush, but if you compare price 2.50 to 19.50 (in pot) or 16.50 (pan) it's still cheaper.

Swatch of the orange blush

I'm slowly starting to fall in love with these blushes even tho I've only had them for a week or so. If you are around my skin tone Sienna is the perfect contour color. I love that it's no so dark and blends in evenly. I could ramble on more about each color but I think this post is long enough, if you want to know more just ask & I'll be happy to help.

Hope you enjoyed viewing!! Leave Your thoughts in the Comments below. Thanks and Have A Blessed Day!!

XOXO Brittany


  1. That orange blush is hot! Nice swatches... can't wait to see some looks with the blushes.

  2. Wow, great blushes! The colors are amazing. =) Great blog. New follower. Hope you follow back.


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  3. @ Ms. Viva Glam, the orange is one of my favs!

    @D.Sadie Thank! & I followed your blog.

  4. la femme makes amazing blushes! those are some great swatches :-)

  5. Oooh! That Orange!!! I love it. I've heard great things about La Femme! I need to go ahead and try some of the products.

  6. That orange is really pretty. I'm interested in actually seeing a total look with it. Cool blog. New blogger and follower. I hope you decide to follow back : )