Thursday, June 2, 2011

**Small Walmart Haul**

Yesterday I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up Rimmel London's gentle eye make up remover due to the fact I have .2 mL left in my current bottle (I'm like on bottle #4). I love that stuff, it's not oily and greasy as other eye make up removers I've tried. Anywhoo, of course I was not able to walk away from the cosmetic section with only one item, but I spent under 20$ so that wasn't too bad. Now onto the good stuff..........

**My Goodies**

 Rimmel London's Gentle Eye Make Up Remover
Wet-N-Wild Color Icon Lip Pencil - Brandy Wine
Wet-N-Wild Color Icon Lip Pencil - Chesnut
Wet-N-Wild Color Icon 8 Color Eye Shadow Palette - Blue Had Me At Hello
Cover Girl Queen Collection Lip Stick - Spicy Seduction
Cosmetic Applicator Sponges (I purchased because of PurseBuzz's tip of the week)

Cover Girl Queen Collection Lip Stick - Spicy Seduction  
I think this lip stick is great for my skin tone for a really pretty bronzed Goddess look for summer.

 I'm not a fan of up close lip swatches but here's one.... I like how it shows the color, I guess that's the point (Duh!) lol.

Wet-N-Wild Color Icon 8 Color Eye Shadow Palette - Blue Had Me At Hello
I actually really like this palette.  Each color is labeled for each correlating spot on the eye and they also have a picture on the back showing each area on the eye, I think that this is very helpful and great for beginners. I needed a matte black because my love affair with MAC's Carbon eye shadow has become love/hate relationship and for only $4.47 and 7 other colors I decided to give this a try. Now I don't like all the colors but the black is pretty pigmented. 

I swatched the 1st column down, then the 2nd column down.
My favs are the silver (eyelid) color and the matte black (definer) in the 1st column and the sky blue (brow bone), turquoise (eyelid) and deep navy blue (crease) in the 2nd column. The other colors are okay but I either have better or could simply do without. 
So this wraps up my tini haul from Wal-Mart.
Hope you enjoyed viewing!! Leave Your thoughts in the Comments below. Thanks and Have A Blessed Day!!

XOXO Brittany



  1. Hey,I like your blog and looooove the new comfortable look you just did, but after viewing your page I noticed your small Wakmart haul. I see that you purchased sponged wedges via a tip from someone else...will you tell me what it is? Thanks

  2. The tip I learned was to place the sponge under your eye when applying mascara to your bottom lashes. It really helps!