Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lashes & LipStick

Here's a really quick post of how I've been wearing my makeup lately. Sooo Saturday where I live it got up to 101 degrees & I decided that I didn't want my makeup to run away from my face! I only wore lashes and lipstick (nothing else) & I really like it. The lashes really accent the face and the lipstick really add a nice POP of Color. It's also a great way to pull off a bright lip color! Here are a few photo's of the look...........

Lashes  - #606
Duo Lash Adhesive - Dark
Revlon Super Lustrous LipStick - Siren

Hope you enjoyed viewing!! Leave Your thoughts in the Comments below. Thanks and Have A Blessed Day!!

XOXO Brittany


  1. Love the lipstick!
    btw you gen get Taj Mahal on the Nars website!

  2. This is really pretty! I like the liptick.

  3. Very Pretty Look, I love Siren Lipstick!

  4. hi you have very nice skin. found you on brown beauty bloggers, follow my blog back at 2d4shoes. thank you and K.I.T

  5. Brittany grrl, thanx for stoppin by my blog 2d4shoes. got your comment about the mac lipstick and i did not know it was still available. thought it was limited edition, unless thats just referring to the packaging? anywho, i do love it but its sold out everywhere. follow my blog back so i can message you. thanks doll

  6. Thank beauties for all the lovely comments. I've been trying to reply for a few days now (haven't quite got the hang of it yet). I love the lipstick as well!

    @e.renee I followed both blogs and MAC's Russian Red l/s is on the permanent line just the Wonder Woman packaging was limited edition so that's a good thing!

  7. You look gorgeous. x