Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My 1st Nail of the Day Post!

Hello Beauties! I recently went to the nail salon to get my "nails did" & I wanted to share with you all. I titled this "Nail of the Day" but this is really "Nail for the Next 2 Weeks"! I've been going to the same nail salon since I was like 13/14, I really love them but they haven't really updated their nail polish selection so I started my small but growing nail polish collection & I bring a new polish every time I go (unfortunately this time I left my polish there so I can't show the bottle as well). This time I used Sinful Color's Innocent nail polish.

This picture is from my iPhone 4 but I think it's a pretty decent picture. I really love the color and the designs. These are my nails but with an acrylic overlay. I like the way it helps the polish last longer without chipping, when I go back in two weeks they will basically still look like this with "new growth" at the bottom.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and tell me some of your favorite nail polishes for summer.

Thanks for viewing & have a blessed day!!

XOXO Brittany


  1. Your nails are very pretty. :) I love the colour & designs.

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