Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MAC's Surf, Baby! Haul

I know I'm like eons late but hey better late than never right? I went to my hometown for the break between the spring and summer semesters and there isn't a MAC store or counter (I know lame) and some of the products I wanted was already sold out online before the release date sooo I called the MAC counter where I attend school and placed my order over the phone. Therefore I had to wait until I got back in town to get my goodies. I love when MAC does collections like this mainly because I am a sucker for different packaging (btw I love it). Ok enought rambling on to the good stuff......

My 1st MAC paper bag, I really love the chartruese in the inside.

*The four items I ordered*

*Surf, Baby Cheek Powder: My Paradise*
This was the like most wanted item of the collection. I was initially going to pass on this because I got Marine Life beauty powder last year, but when I called they had two left so I was going to get it while I had the chance & return it if I felt it was unnecessary. Let me say I'm glad I did not pass this one up, it is so gorgeous I didn't even want to touch it!

*Surf the Ocean: Crushed Metallic Pigment*

These pigments are not like any pigments I have ever encountered. It's like they are grinded up finely as most pigments. I would say they are in a more natural state.
Pros - really pigmented
Cons - May be difficult to work with

*Surf, Baby! Bronzing Powder: Refined Golden*
My new favorite bronzer! I been wanted to try this (because it's apart of the permanent line) but I waited for the special packaging. I really love the glow it adds to my face for this time of year.

*Surf, Baby! Lipstick: Hibiscus*
I would say this is my favorite product that I use (because I just stare at the My Paradise cheek powder lol). I love bold, bright, and daring lipsticks like this one.

Lip Swatch

These are all the things I originally ordered from the collection, thinking of maybe going pick up a few other things while I still have time. What did any of you get from the collection?

Hope you enjoyed viewing!! Leave Your thoughts in the Comments below. Thanks and Have A Blessed Day!!

XOXO Brittany


  1. You got some really good stuff! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get anything from this collection but I love that lipstick and the blush!!!

  2. Thanks! & the lipstick is pretty "dupable", I believe that Revlon's Siren is fairly close.